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Saturday, November 5th, 2011 | Posted in Random

Juno’s Journey

Sunday, August 7th, 2011 | Posted in Random

This week NASA succenssfully launched Juno a probe headed to Jupiter. The journey will take before it arrives, and we are sure to get an in depth look at Jupiter once it’s there. In Roman mythology, Juno was one of Jupiter’s lovers. Oh, and also, possibly his sister. (wait… what?)

I remember when Cassini launched on it’s way to Saturn. I have a relative who was working on the project at the time, and when he told me it would take 7 years to get there I thought the day would never come. That was 14 years ago. Scary how time flies. I suspect Juno will be arriving at Jupiter before we realize it!

Final Launch

Friday, July 8th, 2011 | Posted in Random

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of the stars and anything related to space. It was always a passion of my dad’s and he passed that on to me. If he were alive today I’m certain he would feel sadness with the end of the shuttle program. I wish I could ask him about how he felt when they started it and when they tested Enterprise and then launched Columbia into space for the first time. With all the stories he told me over the years I, sadly, don’t remember the ones about the shuttles.

I think the first time I consciously paid attention to a shuttle mission was the reparation of the Hubble telescope in 1993. I remember watching the astronauts floating out there in space and I remember having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

In recent years the internet has made it possible to be able to watch what we’re doing up there in space at all times. Watching the shuttle launches has been a thrill for me. Of course, I would have given anything to have gone to a shuttle launch and seen it live. But I never had that chance.

Today was the last shuttle launch starting the 135th and final mission of the shuttle program. I can’t help but be sad about it. I know that the American astronauts will continue to visit the ISS via Russia, and I know that there is a possibility NASA will turn to private companies for a new spacecraft. I can only hope that the future (and by that I mean IN MY LIFE TIME) holds great things for the space program. We owe a lot that we use in our day-to-day lives to it.

Beautiful, flawless launch, Atlantis. Have fun up there and have a safe trip home.

One Week

Friday, July 17th, 2009 | Posted in Random


One week ago RIGHT NOW I was sloshing around through the mud at Rockweekend waiting for Chickenfoot to come on. Little did I know that in just a few short hours I would have been kissed by Chad Smith!

My head is nearly completely healed now. Tonight seems extremely anti-climactic compared to last Friday. I think it’s time to break out the Cabo Wabo tequila and make it a BIT more interesting.


Happy Apollo 11 Day!

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 | Posted in Random

I’m sure most all of you have heard SOMETHING about the fact that today is 40 years since the Apollo 11 mission took off. The mission that took us to the moon for the very first time. And if you’re as nutty about the skies as me then this sparks interest in you. Plenty of sites are doing something special for the event. If you are on twitter you can choose to follow someone like @reliveapollo11, which posts updates as if it were 40 years ago. Or you can really feel like you’re right in the control room by logging into the very cool site, where you can hear the conversations between Houston and Apollo 11 in “real time,” and follow the mission all the way until the landing on July 20th. Basically, you can party like it’s 1969. ;)

I would have loved to have witness that. My dad used to talk about it. And when he did, he would talk about it with such feeling. His eyes would focus on something far in the distance and he would talk about how fantastic it was, and how amazing it was to watch. My high school English teacher (one of my favorite teachers) told me the story of how she was able to watch it. She was a teenager, and she had run away from home. On the night of the moon landing she was walking through a neighborhood of houses, and she saw a family watching it on their tv. So she stood outside and watched it through the window.

As far as I can remember, there hasn’t been anything big of this nature to happen in my lifetime. I wish there could be. I wish we could land on Mars. I want to witness that – some great accomplishment like that. Something that has the whole world glued to their TV in amazement and wonder watching as we take the next Giant Leap. I remember when I was little my dad used to tell me about the “great things” that I would “probably” see in my lifetime. Like people traveling to moon and living there. He believed even I would be able to travel to space as a tourist. Of course he used to talk about those things 20 years ago, when it was 20 years since the moon landing. Now it’s another 20 years, and things are moving quite slowly. I know that they are now talking about going back to the moon to build. But it seems like those “great things” are still so far off. But matter what, he knew it was just a matter of time before it definitely WOULD happen.

I know there are many people who don’t believe in the space program, and like to spout out about how the money should be used on Earth instead. But so many of the things we have to today that we take for granted come from the space programs. So many things that are a part of our daily lives. It’s part of who we are as humans – to explore and learn and discover. And what would we do without Hubble? Hubble – what I believe to be one of the most FANTASTIC things to come out of the space program. Hubble – our eye to the universe. Showing us wonders we could have never imagined on our own. Wonders that are there to be SEEN. Otherwise their beauty would be for nothing. I mean, how can images like thesee not blow your mind?

I guess I’m most sentimental about space and it’s exploration because of my dad. The way he used to talk about it always captivated me, and is most definitely why it’s always been one of my great interests. I want the stuff that he dreamed about to happen. I want it to happen for him. I want those dreams to come true for him. Even though he can’t witness it himself, I want to see it and say “you were right dad!”

And I believe it will happen. In my lifetime or not, it’ll happen. And he WILL be right.

Martini Madness

Friday, May 6th, 2005 | Posted in Random

*off-topic update: I added a Mother’s Day card to my e-cards section. So, if yo forgot to send your mom something, it’s not too late! I have a card there for you! … ok back to topic…*

I am martini crazy. I am on a mission to make at least one martini for every color in the rainbow. So far I’ve covered 3 of those colors.

I guess the obsession started when my boss at Starbucks threw me a going away party before I moved here and I was introduced to appletinis by a co-worker. I had many that night. Many. I don’t quite remember getting home.

Flash! Bang!

Sunday, April 24th, 2005 | Posted in Random

I’m dying for a thunderstorm. Here in Stockholm, we don’t get many of those. The weather just isn’t extreme enough. And that’s one of the things I miss the most about summer. We get a few at the beginning – usually in May or June. But just enough that I only need one had to count them. And they aren’t the boomers that we get back home in NJ. The ones that make your windows shake.

I love thunderstorms. To the point where I almost want to run out and stand in one. (I wouldn’t though. I’m not THAT stupid). I love the excitement I get from them. I love to just sit at my window and watch the lightning and count until I hear the thunder.

I wrote a story once in my creative writing class in high school that used a thunderstorm to convey the main characters growing hope in the situation she was in. My teacher thought it was interesting because thunderstorms are usually symbolic of chaos and tragedy.

I guess what she didn’t realize is that after a storm like that it’s always so peacful, and the air is always much nicer to breathe, and the world just seems to glow around you. How could there not be hope in that?