Bullets/Mouse Trail Graphics

Font on graphics used is "Parade" Font Color: #840000
Link Color: #844D18 Visited Link Color= #D66321

Here is the code for the Guestbook Image.
Put this code where you want your guestbook.
Customize by Filling in your info where needed.

Counter Graphics

Background Explination
((Makes the wood frame show up in both Internet Explorer&Netscape))
I thought I would make it easy for those of you who want the
wooden frame effect (to have the backgrounds set up excatly like on
this page). First, save all three backgrounds. Next, copy and paste
the code (found below) on your page. Where it says in bold letters
"Entire Page Goes Here", is where you write your page. This code
begins and ends your page with this background effect.
Email me for further questions.

<body background="leafbg.gif" link=844d18 vlink=d66321>
<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=90%>
<td background="autumn/woodbg.gif">
<table border=2 bordercolorlight=CC9966 bordercolordark=996600 width=90% background="woodbg.gif" cellspacing=10>
<tr><td background="plainbg.gif"></font></center>

(Entire Page Goes Here)


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